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Repair Me Spritz

Australian made  125ml

Repair Me Spritz

  • The KBC Repair Me Spritz is a moisturising leave in spray that instantly reconstructs hair, is lightweight and non-greasy, detangles and increases suppleness and shine, this amazing product is filled with vitamins and minerals, making breakage a thing of the past. Best used on highly damaged hair caused by either bleaching or consistent use of heat styling tools.

    Key Ingredients: 

    GINKGO BILOBA LEAF EXTRACT is a highly active ingredient for damaged hair renewal. It is a superior antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties, making it a potent hair protection ingredient.

    ARNICA MONTANA FLOWER (ARNICA) EXTRACT Contains amino acids that make keratin, which assists in delivering oxygen and nutrients to hair. Its UV protection qualities are also highly effective for damaged hair renewal.


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